schwinn prelude 700c

schwinn prelude 700c

Schwinn Prelude 700c

The Schwinn Prelude 700c Men's Road Bike offers Schwinn quality and performance at an affordable price. With comfortable and responsive 700c wheels, a lightweight and durable Schwinn men's aluminum road bike frame, and Schwinn road bend bar and stem, the Prelude handles well and is fun to ride.

This is one of most request of mens bike products today . You will be satisfy and be guarantee 100% with this product. Schwinn Prelude Men's Bike 700c is g ood bike for the price, with quality in the right places

The Schwinn Prelude 700c has seven-speed Shimano A050 shifters for adjustability so you can maintain your speed as you ride up and down hills. The Promax dual-pivot caliper brakes offer sure stopping power. Aero 36-spoke alloy wheels maintain balance and alignment, and radial-laced front toe clips and straps keep you comfortable and moving on the road.

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Schwinn 700c Bike Specifications:

Schwin Prelude 700c Review

I have had Schwinn Prelude for a year now, trying to use it on the occasional 10-mile commute. I can say the following things after putting it through at least 500 miles:schwinn prelude 700c

sizing - I am 5'10 and it was just fine. The geometry is comfortable, and the ride a little stiff but bearable. It is very fast because it is so light (for this price range), about 24lbs.

brakes - barely adequate, quite spongy. The calipers flex so it is hard to put full force on them. This works fine at low speed, but if you're trying to slow down on a big downhill going 40mph, its going to be a little scary.

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drivetrain - rear = good, It is impossible to tune the front derailleur so that it doesn't throw the chain and rub like crazy. This is because of 3 reasons: a crappy derailleur, a chainring that isn't quite true, and a loose bottom bracket (pedal bearings). I think the bottom bracket got loose over time, and I don't have the tool to tighten it back up.

wheels/tires - great! They arrived pretty straight, and I trued them just for fun. I have had no problems at all with them.

Schwinn Prelude Components

I must add that even though many components are aluminum, it still has lots of steel parts that will easily rust if left outside, just like any other bike.

Overall, you get what you pay for. Schwinn Prelude 700c has a good frame/fork but pretty low quality components that will wear out in less than 1000 miles. I would only recommend it for occasional recreational use that wouldn't hit that kind of mileage.

Where to Buy Schwinn Prelude 700c

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